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Fasteners near Denver, Colorado

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AAA Metric Supply offers a unique range of specialty and all-purpose products.

ND VIBRA-TITE® Formula 3
ND VIBRA-TITE® Formula 3 Engineered to be cost-effective and CFC-free, ND Vibra-Tite Formula 3 is a non-ozone depleting, locking and sealing coating for threaded fasteners. Vibra-Tite utilizes a special blend of acrylic resins to prevent fasteners from loosening — even under extreme vibration. For a complete list, contact ND INDUSTRIES. Or Visit their website at http://www.ndindustries.com/ Note: Please Contact us for MSDS and safety Material Handling Instructions ® ND Vibra-Tite, ND Industries are registered trademarks of ND Industries, Inc.

SPEEDY SHARP® "The Worlds Fastest Sharpener" Universal Knife and Tool Sharpener made with MICRO 100 Super Carbide


TAP MAGIC® Cutting Fluid
TAP MAGIC® Cutting Fluid New And Improved Formula with EP-XTRA® - Improves Surface Finish, Machinability and Tool Life. Highly Effective On All Metals.
E-Z LOK® Threaded Inserts
E-Z LOK external threads are standard size and pitch to permit use of standard drills and taps. No special tap sizes or installation tools are required. E-Z LOK inserts will not back out or vibrate loose. Immediately upon installation, microencapsulated Loctite® begins to set and the newly installed insert can be fastened to within minutes. In addition, the adhesive seals against liquids and gases to pressures of 6000 psi, and bonds to virtually all metals. METRIC Sizes From M3-M16 (internal thread)
Handyman In Your Pocket
Handyman In Your Pocket Packed into 768 pages, this pocket sized book has an incredible amount of valuable information used by every contractor, builder, handyman, craftsman, and any do-it-yourselfer. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Bolts and Threads, Math, Tools, Conversion, Factors, Nails, Staples, Electrical, Pipe, Fittings, Water and Air, General Science, Screws And MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!

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